Welcome to Padelgest International

Padelgest is an enterprise specialized in design and construccion of sport complexes. He have professionals with a lot of experience in that sector, we also have technical partners and dealers that let us to deal whichever project here in Spain or in foreign countries.

We are speciaists in design and construcion of tennis paddle courts, indoor tennis paddle courts, roofings and multipurpose courts. Our products are innovative and are totally done in our factories. Everything is supplemented  with sport materials from the most important trademarks, according to permanents cooperation agreements. 

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  • We are an enterprise which is specialised in building and producing tennis paddle courts and sports installations. We work in the whole world and we install different classes of tennis paddle courts: cristal ones and reinforced concrete too.

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    Paddle Courts Installation
  • For occasional sports events, in order to meet the needs of your marketing team, for all you need, und during the time you need, our mobile tennis paddle court will be there for you, to make your wish true. Ask us for the different possibilities.

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    Cristal tennis paddle courts rent for events.
  • A high quality product always come with a later maintaining in order to obtain the same gameplay quality and service for a lot of years, making  your sports club more cost-effective, day after day.

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    Mantaining of tennis paddle courts.
  • In Padelgest we deal with every problem to solve in your court, change of glass, nets, grass, lights or painting.

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    Repair of tennis paddle courts
  • And so it is. Your courts become older over time. Our enterprise gives you the chance  of upgrading your tennis paddle courts just changing your simple fencing for another electro-welded melsh railing, rebuilding your wall courts, changing glasses,etc.

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    Tennis courts and tennis paddle courts conversion.

T-EVO 360º - Luxury Type

New professional competition model, with the best finishing work and highest quality details. TOP LEVEL components and final details are included. The court has excel·lent play conditions. The players that play in the T-EVO 360º feel themselves as a true professional paddle players. Our design has European protection.

The most important feature is that its side and back glasses  have no steel uprights. This fact makes easier  TV broadcast and offers a clear view for the game spectators.

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T-WPT v4 - Ultralight Type

Paddle court ford professional and competition use, with an spectacular and ultrathin design. It is an original model and its design has European protection.

The T-WPT v4 paddle court has excel·lent play conditions and it is used by the best players of the WORLD.

The most important feature is that its side and back glasses  have no steel uprights. This fact makes easier  TV broadcast and offers a clear view for the game spectators.

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T-PANORAMIA SHOT - Super Shot Type

High quality court with a panoramic and thin design.  The most important feature is its back wall, made of panoramic glass, that offers us a panoramic view that makes easier the tv casts providing a good view for audience. You have the chance to choose between one or two different panoramic grounds.

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T-WPT CLUB - Classic Type

Professional Paddle court. It is a classic model with a very high  and detailed quality finish. It is made according to the standard specifications. Its optimal cost  increases  the benefits of its use.

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Designed for occasional events, to meet your marketing team needs, whatever you need or whenever you need, our Mobile tennis paddle court will be there to make your wish come true. Ask us for all the possibilities. The T-PORTABLE COMPETITION is designed  with an exclussive body moorning system.

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T-SINGLE STYLE - One vs One Type

Valuable and appreciated paddle court. Is is suitable for training or for 1vs1 competition. This little court doesn't need so many place than the others because is really small. It is perfect because it gives a high profit  in a quite small place.

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